Leave me alone, HAPPY!

Leave me alone, HAPPY!

Sounds crazy, right? I mean, why on earth would you want happiness to leave you alone? Well, I’ll tell you why. Many of us spend so much time being unhappy that we have befriended it. We wake up, eat, sleep, drink, and go to sleep with it. We even make love to it knowing we are unhappy with the person we are intimate with. We have allowed it to be of great importance to us. We were used to it and made it our BFF so why should happiness just “up” and come into our lives, sometimes unannounced? How dare it? Well, we invited it, of course, and for good reason. We decided that we were over our BFF and so we dumped it.

Now, happiness scares us because it now presents us with new challenges that we didn’t think we’d ever have to face such as devotion and commitment and in order for happiness to stay in our lives we have to devote ourselves to the things that bring us joy, lessen our pain and give us hope. Ughhh, the nerve of happiness to have such terms. Happiness brings us fear because it feels so wonderful that we are afraid it will be taken away from us and so whenever we feel it arising (a smile, chills down our spine, happy heart palpitations or tears of joy), we immediately disregard it and take the negative vehicle that drives us to lose our motivation, our focus, until we are knocking at unhappiness’s door! We have once again arrived at our most comfortable destination.


How do we dump unhappiness once and for all? Realize that paint is not going to turn another color just because you are watching the wall…you have to grab the paintbrush and start brushing. Then, happily and consciously paint away all of those reasons you have stayed unhappy and proclaim your right to finally be free of it! You deserve happiness, regardless of how many times you believe you have failed or someone has failed you. I know it is hard, believe me, I do, but what’s the point of having wings if you refuse to fly? Keep in mind that it has taken a great deal of time and effort to breed negativity into your life and it will take just as much effort, time, plus PATIENCE to finally recover from it and completely start over. If you know how wonderful you are and keep telling yourself that every single day you won’t be the only one to see it…happiness will see it too and will befriend you-Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Get ready for the best friend you will ever have and hold on tightly to it, for it only goes away when you stop believing in it.


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