Life and Death

On my way from work I saw a dead baby bird on the sidewalk.  Immediately, I started feeling down.  My negative emotions started to take control.  The bird’s color had faded and was nothing more than a memory of what was.  Then, not five minutes later after that “moment”, the most beautiful bird flew past me.  I had never seen such a thing in real life.  Its colors were vibrant, almost highlighted.  This bird was so full of life that my emotions suddenly became alive.  I was no longer consumed by the grief of a bird that, inevitably would have died just like every living being.  I decided that the emotion I wanted to have was that of the bird that stopped me dead in my tracks, saying, “Look at me!  I’m alive!”  The fact is we all live.  We all die and sooner or later our brilliant colors will fade away.  So, while I am aLIVE I will LIVE because once it is over it is over and I would have missed my chance to simply be beautiful….and free!


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