That Kinda LOVE

Everybody wants that kinda love

The kinda, “I won’t hurt you on purpose” kinda love

And “I will try not to hurt you by accident” love

That “whenever you need me I’m there for you” love

“What you want for dinner?  I’ll make it for you” love


That, “did you have a nightmare?  I’ll be your dream” kinda love

“Are those tears in your eyes?  Let me wipe them for you” love

“Is that a cough that I hear?  I’ll make you well” kinda love

“I’m scared of that mountain, but I’ll climb it for you” love


That compassionate and full of passion kinda love

And “I’m doing it before you even ask” kinda love

That considerate kinda always wanna hear from you love

“I have goals, and guess what?  You’re a part of them” love

“I only have one, but I’ll give you half” love

“Even though you have plenty I’ll give you more” love


“When I’m near you I get chills through my body” kinda love

That “wow, I can’t believe you’re mine” kinda love

That “I have nothing but love and respect for you” love

“You are beautiful and an amazing person” kinda love

“But, if we part your love was certainly enough

To know there’ll never be someone like you” kinda love



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