Another one grows…

You know you don’t deserve what your ex has done and how it made you feel.  Surely, they don’t deserve you.    I mean, you moved mountains for them and they never even kicked rocks!  Get this!  You never even cried until you exhibited hatred for that person.  Your heart is broken and…HATE.  You were so good and patient….HATE.  How could you be such a fool…..HATE.

You gave your love, care, and concern.  Everything for NOTHING because you didn’t mean much of anything in the end and it hurts, right?   And it hurts even more to wonder how and why you should keep giving away your love just to have it thrown away.  Now, you have nothing because it was taken away, right?

WRONG!  The reason why you are hurt is because your worth is questioned…but by whom?  You?  Surely, it isn’t important that it was questioned by someone else, especially when it should be of no concern to you.  Most importantly, you believe you’ve given a part of you that you could never get back but you have the root of it all right inside of you.  YOU are the root.  The parts that you gave away were wonderful fruits that were enjoyed and each and every time you give something away…another one grows.  You can never give anything away that you haven’t got plenty of.  Like a beautiful tree that gets knocked down….it still grows back.


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