Society made me do it

Society told me I was too small
I was too short so I couldn’t stand tall
I have many scars so I shouldn’t wear skirts
You’re soul isn’t clean; so you must be dirt
You hair is short; why isn’t it long?
When I look in the mirror I see nothing wrong

If I am unhappy then I should accept it
I shouldn’t complain and that I should just “YES” it
It told me to hate myself and not to complain
Not to go further and to just remain

To wear shades in the sun; but never at night
After Labor Day; never to wear white
Green and blue doesn’t match; wear different colors
Keep changing until you earn acceptance from others
Fairytales are for losers, face reality; not dreams
But nightmares are more prevalent in society, it seems

To spill your secrets to a priest that hides behind a door
That God can only hear you if you’re kneeling on the floor
If you don’t go to Church then you are not worth it
And whatever happens to you then you just as well deserve it

Go to school, graduate, and work for someone else
Society never tells you to work for yourself
And paying for education is the only way to learn
The more money you put out; the more money you’ll earn

I’ll no longer live by society’s game
I’ll wear a hundred colors and picnic in the rain
I’ll wear shorts in the winter and a coat in the sun
I’ll stay in all day and say I had fun
I’ll dance in heels when I “should’ve” worn flats
I’ll wear orange today when I “should’ve” worn black
I’ll wear sandals to a funeral and dare people to stare
I’ll dance to songs that people can’t hear
And if anyone says, this is what you “SHOULD” do
I’ll say Society couldn’t make me and neither can you!


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