The love shop-(where we depend on self-love)

Where do we shop when we want love?  To our favorite store, of course, called “Family & Friends LLC”.  You know that store.  We’ve all been there.  The problem is when we shopped there we only get a limited amount of love.  It runs out quite easily and then you’re left standing there when your family & friends don’t give you the love that you wanted.  Some of them turn their backs on you, betray you, or simply just don’t have the answers all the time.  Now, you’re stuck with your problems with no one to help you.  You question your worth because you valued their opinions of you more than you did yourself.  You spent more time allowing their perceptions of you matter.  And you use all of your strength to pay for a membership of “it matters what everyone else think”.  EVERYONE else is your director- Your road map-Your everything.  So, when that store runs out of love You’re depressed, stressed—just a piping mess!  Guess what?  We didn’t read between the lines.  We didn’t know there were terms and conditions on the love that we bought from “Family & Friends LLC”.  The terms are they are a limited liability company so they have limited responsibility, limited feelings and/or patience for the things that go on in your life.  YOU are the one responsible for the lack of love in your life.  YOU are who will pave the way to the life you will have.  Your accomplishments.  Your happiness.  Forever!  The good news is there is one place you can get all of this from.  One place that has enough love that will last you a lifetime.  One place that knows the true you.  The best you.  One place who knows your worth and how far you really can go.  Not your family.  Not your friends.  This place is real easy to get to.   It’s a place everyone’s talked about and you say you’re gonna try to get there but never quite make it there.  A place where there is unlimited love and the shipment is available whenever you truly need it…..INSIDE.  Yup, that’s it.  The place is INSIDE OF YOU.  I know it sounds like a cliché, but the truth is YOU are truly the only person to give you everything you need.  You just didn’t realize it because you depended so much on other resources and when they ran out of love for you…you thought you had or were not worthy of love.  Depend on yourself.  What are your skills and abilities?  Hone into it!  That’s where your love is!  Say your name a hundred thousand times in the mirror until you LOVE the sound of it!  No one can be you!  How amazing is that?  Believe me when I tell you, I’ve cried many days and nights because someone’s love or thoughts of me were limited.  Because I let it matter.  I let it become the truth.  But, then I started saying my name a hundred times (not really a hundred times), started writing and drawing again, started smiling every time I thought of how I would be a famous writer one day and meet all of these famous people, started running my fingers across the walls of my apartment and all the wonderful things that are mine.  These were all in the many aisles of the store I went to.  And now, it is the only store I rely on to give me exactly what I need.  I can’t express how much I restock whenever I am low on love…I ask for it from God, the Universe, and the Spirit and it is sent to me through express mail.  The love you need is INSIDE.  It takes a while to get there sometimes and sometimes you find yourself straying, but Take it from me…the more you enter that place…the more you will start to rely on it and you will never depend on any other place or anyone else for as long as you live.


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