If I were rich…

You know how you say, “if I were rich, I’d buy ‘this’ or ‘that’, donate to charity, open up a business, feed the poor, and a host of other things we’d do if we were rich?  Well, I said those things, too but I changed my mind.  What I really would like to do to help people is to open up a special something for spiritual healing.  You see, when our energy is negative we have no desire to be motivated or inspired, have no or little faith in ourselves or the things we could become or do.  With negative energy our spirit cannot talk to us, it can’t get in, can’t assist us in our journey.  It doesn’t matter if I donated to someone so they can eat and eat again, have a place to stay, or any of that.  This will not bring their spirits to them.  It will not help them find themselves or be inspired.  Only they can do that but they need help in spiritual healing, positive navigation; that’s what they need.  So, when I become rich, I will find a way to help people’s spirit find them and help them find their spirit.



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