I had an epiphany this morning.  I don’t know why, exactly, but it was a blissfully-awakening epiphany that made me say to myself, “I get it now!”   You know how we question ourselves, wondering what our purpose in life is and no matter how much someone tries to convince us that we matter, we just don’t believe it?  They say, “Don’t worry.  As long as YOU love YOU then nothing else matters.”  Well, if it’s that simple, then WHY isn’t it so simple to believe it?  Well, the reason is so much deeper than that, from my point of view.   I could be wrong, but hear me out. J  Now, if we don’t know we have a purpose then we question why we exist; therefore, we end up deeming ourselves unworthy, giving us no reason to love ourselves.  Here’s a very simple and reasonable example:  A pencil is created.  If that pencil doesn’t know it can produce words it will feel worthless, existing without a purpose.  But, if the pencil KNOWS it can produce something, anything at all, it feels worthy and knows why it exists.  It will create beautiful words and art and anything else it could be used for.  (We’re, or course, assuming the pencil actually has feelings).   Still, It didn’t exist just to exist for itself otherwise it wouldn’t matter that it exists in the first place.  That’s how we feel.  We need to know there is at least one thing that makes us exist otherwise we will question why we are even alive; which leads to unhealthy thoughts, such as self-hatred, self-pity, and self-destruction, which then leads to depression, stress, and even suicide.  It’s unfortunate that since Day 1 of our existence, society interrupted our chances of finding out who we are on our own.  We don’t get the chance to know why we SHOULD love ourselves.  It taught us what we are supposed to do, have, and be in order to be accomplished, important, and purposeful.  We’ll spend a whole lifetime trying to do and be that which we are SUPPOSED to do, have, and be and when we cannot fulfil these REQUIREMENTS then something is wrong, we are inept, lacking what others have; and are therefore invaluable.   Now, allow me to be philosophical for a moment, would you?  I believe I HAVE MANY TALENTS. For one, I believe I am a great (yes, I said it, “great” writer) but, my being born couldn’t have been so that I can write FOR MYSELF.  If I existed simply to exist for myself than not existing wouldn’t matter, would it?  That would be like saying God put me here for myself, which makes no sense.  Sure, I’m here now so I could do what makes me happy by sitting in my room all day writing.  But then I would not be fulfilling my purpose of existing.  I’m limiting myself instead of RISING IN THE WORLD and SOARING so high that I am seen and heard by the world…especially by those that will be positively motivated and inspired by my words.  I have MANY reasons to exist; this is just one of them, but if there isn’t, then I’m not going to perish because I have other abilities, whether I chose to believe it or not.  Hey, we don’t die just because one cell in our body doesn’t deliver because we have other cells in our body that’s responsible for our makeup.  The bottom line is this:  NO ONE is here for NO REASON.  We ALL are here for a reason; we ALL just haven’t found what that reason is.  We exist!   It’s tough and a long journey, but let no one devalue what brings you joy.  If you give up on your potential then your potential will give up on you.  NOW search for something positive that makes you happy.  Cultivate it!  Focus on it and Rise because you do exist and you exist for a reason.  I know I do.

-Tamika S. Thomas 10/9/14


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