Lessons and Love and Life-Oh, my!


I had an epiphany this morning.  I don’t know why, exactly, but it was a blissfully-awakening epiphany that made me say to myself, “I get it now!”   You know how we question ourselves, wondering what our purpose in life is and no matter how much someone tries to convince us that we matter, we just don’t believe it?  They say, “Don’t worry.  As long as YOU love YOU then nothing else matters.”  Well, if it’s that simple, then WHY isn’t it so simple to believe it?  Well, the reason is so much deeper than that, from my point of view.   I could be wrong, but hear me out. J  Now, if we don’t know we have a purpose then we question why we exist; therefore, we end up deeming ourselves unworthy, giving us no reason to love ourselves.  Here’s a very simple and reasonable example:  A pencil…

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