The anger that runs through my veins is like liquid fire running through the ruins of a damaged island.

There isn’t enough water to put it out; not enough wind to blow it in another direction so the volcano erupts, growing stronger…stronger, faster and faster.  This rogue fire needs water because it burns inside and although my flesh is dark-brown the color of red clearly shows in my expression, my words, and it gets harder and harder to hold it in.  This anger, this disease has a cure.  It is the power I have within, yet, I hold it in; instead of letting it go.  So this power-it plays hide-and-seek with me and I cannot find it sometimes.  But then, something happens.  My power reveals itself.  It tells me it was testing me to see if I would actually find it.  I tell it that I had help finding it; it was not me alone.  It says, “this is true.  Your actions and your will guided you and will continue to guide you as long as you ACT and have WILL”.  I sigh and exhale.  I am relieved, but then I inhale again, holding my breath because I know I will be “tested” again by my power.  I know, however, that this inhalation will bring about the birth of uncontrolled fire and it scares me to think of how much I have inside and what will happen if I lose control.  There is so much I am holding on to, but I have to take ACTION so that I let go.  I am willing.  I am able.  I am ready…to let go.

–Tamika   10/14/14


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