I AM perfect…Period!

Yes, I said it, and I’ll say it again.  I AM perfect.  Why is it that we can say, “I found the PERFECT job!” or “I just purchased the PERFECT house!” or my favorite, “I just saw the PERFECT outfit!” but we refuse to say, “I am perfect”? Will it feel better if we purchased ourselves from some store or if we searched online for ourselves?  What would it take to say that we’re perfect? Because, seriously, even that PERFECT job, house, outfit, and so forth will have flaws, but we’d still consider them perfect as long as most of their qualities existed, right? Okay, well, we ALL have flaws, too, and what we lack in one area of our lives we gain in another. This is what makes us perfectly human. Yet, when things don’t play out the way we want we say things like, “I know I’m not perfect, but…” or “it was bound to happen because…” We set ourselves up for believing we are not enough by saying we are not “perfect”. Then because of our “imperfections” we go through our day blissfully content with not doing our best because, after all, we are “not perfect”, right? And what’s worst? Those of us that truly see nothing great about ourselves add insult to injury by believing if we thought just the tiniest bit of our greatness we’re acting out of ego so we dare not acknowledge it. We won’t advance through the door of opportunities because only “perfect” people would do that. This kind of thinking is exactly what causes us to fail. We’re already perfect without needing anyone’s validation. And you know what? Acknowledging only my imperfections led me to start counting on them and it allowed me to stay stagnant and complacent in the lower realm of life.  We also cause ourselves to stay in predicaments with people we should have walked away from moons ago. We make ourselves feel better by saying, “I am not perfect” and then hope that someone forgives our imperfections because we acknowledged it.  We are now validated by this person.  But, then what happens?  When we are no longer valid in this person’s eyes we deem ourselves an invalid and become even more perfect-less than we believed we were in the first place. I cannot tell you how many times tears fell from my eyes because I allowed someone to make me feel I was not enough. With just a handful of my tears I could’ve drowned the universe from existence. The size of the holes in our hearts keeps us from believing we can’t heal to the point that we become comfortable with not healing.  We become used to it, adding to our “imperfections”.  “Something must be wrong”, we tell ourselves because things just keep on happening unfailingly and we don’t understand why. “How can I be worth anything if I can’t get anything right?” Well, the truth is it’s not you that don’t get anything right; it’s the thing that isn’t right for you and that is something we all must realize. Talk about relationships, for example. When we can’t seem to keep a fellow or a gal we think something is wrong with us. “There is no way in heaven or hell I just can’t get it right. There’s just no way this keeps happening to me.”  If you know, I mean really know, you’ve honestly done your best as a person and mate-generosity, compassion, passion, consideration, everything you can think of-then despair no more for YOU WERE PERFECT and the pain that plagues you will soon pass as you slowly but surely realize it wasn’t your time yet. A relationship, a great job, money-none of these things make you perfect. Thinking this way only prolongs your pain and keeps you depending on something or someone else to define the real you. Despairing about falling or imperfections will not make you perfect and it will not help bring anything or anyone wonderful to your life, especially if you don’t believe it already exists; even if it’s at a different time. I know it’s hard to take in and it may feel like light years away before you start to believe this.  Hey, it’s taken me many years to realize this and I still struggle with this realization sometimes, but it doesn’t stop the facts from being. I exist. I am perfect. You Exist.  You ARE PERFECT so stand your perfect behind on the top of the highest mountain and scream as loud as you can, “I AM PERFECT!  Watch me ascend!”

“I exist. I am worthy of existing. I am worthy of existence.”

-Tamika S. Thomas



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