TODAY I am in a very good and positive mood.  Why, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  There’s a difference from being in a good mood and a positive mood.  A good mood, for me, is when someone didn’t piss me off.  That’s not exactly being positive.  It just means I’m not pissed off and I can go through my day in a non-pissed off mood.  Now, what am I positive about today, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you that, too.  I’m positive because I’m grateful that I am alive in the mist of learning that someone dear to a friend of mine is not.  I am grateful that I can read and write.  Not just simply reading and writing, but reading things and learning them whereas, I can apply them to my journey through life in order to reach my greatest potential.  I can write many, many things that can help lift people’s spirits when they feel alone, depressed, stressed, hurt, and can even contribute to people’s happiness!  I am grateful that I believe in myself and that belief allows me to smile and want to learn something and feel like talking to people, laughing with people, eating and drinking with people.  Yes, I am in a very good mood today and I accept that goodness TODAY, although tomorrow is another day…


Mind over Matter

Mind really is over matter. Your mind can make you things are so just because you expected it to be that way. For example: I had two cups by my desk this morning. One filled with coffee and the other with warm water. Not paying attention, I grabbed the cup of water and expected it to taste like coffee. For a moment I was disgusted by the taste of the water because it was “supposed” to taste like coffee until I realized it was the wrong cup. Once I realized it was water I accepted and smiled, regardless of me wanting taste coffee, lol. Lesson: Things are not always what they seem or what we expect them to be. We have to accept and enjoy…or in my case “sip and enjoy”.